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Cette exposition de plus de 30 objets souligne cadeaux couture récemment au Musée d’Art SCAD, y compris robes de soirée exquise par des designers contemporains Ralph Rucci, Oscar de la Renta pour Balmain, Karl Lagerfeld pour Chanel, Isabel Toledo, Valentino, et Lars Nilsson pour Bill Blass .

Les plages de la splendeur esthétique somptueuse d’un manteau d’opéra aubergine et le charme d’une crème glacée robe de bal rose pour les lignes épurées et simples d’une petite robe noire ou la grâce austère de l’argent et robes de soirée ivoire.
The creator of the Ultimo bra has appointed one Michelle Mone, company director and mother of three, as the new "face and body" of her latest clothing line.

According to the press release from MJM International, it was the company's board of directors who, after seeing Mrs Mone pose for an exclusive shoot with Hello! magazine, ditched the idea of hiring an expensive celebrity and persuaded her to front the new advertising campaign.

According to the company's most recent accounts, the board of directors consists of just four people Ms Mone, her husband, Michael Mone, the company's finance director, Catherine MacRae and Scott Kilday. Asked if, in fact, this was actually her own idea, a spokeswoman said: "No, no... not at all. Michelle has been very reticent."

Since the beginning of the year, Ms Mone, who has lost six stone and is marketing a new herbal supplement, TrimSecrets, as the cause of her weight loss, has been claiming that she planned to strip off and model her own underwear.

The Ultimo Couture, however, is a range of evening dresses which will be sold exclusively at Debenhams.

Ms Mone, 38, said: "I love getting glammed up for special occasions, but I was tired of spending a small fortune on dresses and wanted to bring affordable eveningwear to the high street.

"Being best known for lingerie, I also wanted to offer dresses that incorporate our bra expertise – so each of these designs feature unique inner support, which I know women will really appreciate.

The dress was provocative as it seemed to be made out of lace just like one of those honeymoon evening dresses up on sale. It was however an illusion dress as Venus would describe it, making it seem see-through when worn.
in part to what Supervisor of Student Services Lib Sells called the “Hannah Montana trend” in leggings — basically tights without feet — the county school system has amended its elementary, middle and high school dress codes.

Sells said she wants to be sure to get the word out about the changes before parents and students shop for clothes for the 2010-11 school year starting in August.

The elementary dress code was amended by adding the following language: “In grades 3, 4 and 5, short shorts, halter tops, midriff-baring shirts and strapless dresses/tops or spaghetti straps are not allowed. Leggings must be worn under another garment which meets dress code requirements.”

The Sullivan County Board of Education unanimously approved the changes at its May 10 meeting, where Sells mentioned the Hannah Montana wardrobe effect. That is the name of a character Cyrus plays on a Disney Channel show.

Sells said Cyrus and her character have made leggings popular with female students.

Just weeks after landing in a Martian crater in 2004, it went haywire and transmitted gibberish to Earth. Engineers eventually nursed it back to health.

As if the near-death experience wasn't enough, Spirit was upstaged early on by its twin, Opportunity, which landed in a geologic gold mine and was the first to determine that the frigid, dusty planet possessed a wetter past.

Bad luck has fallen again on Spirit. As the workhorse rover marked its sixth year on the red planet yesterday, it finds itself stuck in a sand trap, perhaps forever. The six-wheel robot geologist has been in jams before, but this is the worst predicament yet.

With Martian winter arriving in several months, Spirit may not have enough power to keep going unless scientists can point the solar-powered rover toward the sun.

Spirit "has always been our drama queen," chief scientist Steve Squyres of Cornell University said.

NASA was dealt a major setback recently when another wheel appeared to have stopped moving, leaving Spirit with only four working wheels to plot its great escape.

"With only four driving wheels, it doesn't look good," project manager John Callas of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory said.

The latest misfortune occurred in April when Spirit, driving backward because of a lame wheel, broke through the crusty ground like a person falling through a frozen pond and became bogged in fluffy sand. Little progress has been made to free Spirit since.
* Make an excellent impression at your clinical site. They'll often offer open positions to students they know, trust and don't have to train extensively. * Get references from your clinical site. Ask professionals with some leverage, like supervisors or physicians, and only ask people that you know will give you a glowing recommendation. * Be proactive: Apply for jobs before you graduate. * Take your certification exams as soon as possible after graduation. Credentials after your name add instant appeal to employers looking for a strong candidate. * Don't confine yourself to looking for jobs in the papers or on the Internet--do both. And don't forget to check out a facility's Web site, which could have job openings that aren't posted anywhere else. * Make your application and resume stand out. Poor grammar and punctuation errors are deal breakers. Note to new grads: Unstable work history and job-hopping are also red flags for employers. Make sure you're sending a good message as you accrue work experience. * The more hands-on experience you can highlight in your resume, the better. * Always send a well-edited cover letter with your resume, and make sure it highlights your achievements and specific skill set. * Don't be afraid to respond to a job listing that asks for more experience than you have. Job postings list the ideal candidate, but if you capitalize on what you do have to offer and research your weak spots, you can realistically get the job. * Try to contact the department supervisor directly. The process for reviewing resumes can be an imperfect science, and human resources may disregard your resume if it doesn't meet stringent guidelines. Contacting the supervisor directly emphasizes your interest in the job and can land you an interview.
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